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J.J. Watt scoring more touchdowns than biggest Arizona Cardinals playmakers

Is this something to worry about?

Bob Levey

On Thursday Night Football, if you watched the game, you saw defensive star J.J. Watt score another touchdown, this time on a fumble recovery return. It is the third touchdown he has scored this season.

This led to Seth Cox tweeting this tidbit:

Watt has three touchdowns. Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and Andre Ellington, who should be considered the team's biggest playmakers, have combined for two. Both of those touchdowns belong to Andre Ellington, who rushed for a touchdown and caught a touchdown pass against Denver last week.

Rookie John Brown has three touchdowns on the season, but neither Floyd nor Fitzgerald have any.

This is something to marvel in Watt because he is simply amazing as a player.

But is this something to worry about with the Cardinals?

Fitzgerald scored 10 touchdowns a season ago. Floyd had five.

The Cardinals are 3-1, so there isn't a reason to get too concerned, but with a defensive player scoring as many touchdowns as any one player on the Cardinals offense, do we need to wonder about the offensive production?

When will Fitz or Floyd find the end zone? Can the Cardinals keep winning without them scoring points?