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Arizona Cardinals Big Red Rage: Calais Campbell and Tony Jefferson talk injuries, Logan Thomas, Redskins

The weekly podcast/radio show is back.

Ron Antonelli

I have missed the first few, but I finally paid attention to post the weekly radio show and podcast, "The Big Red Rage," that defensive lineman Calais Campbell hosts with Paul Calvisi on Arizona Sports 98.7.

On the latest show, he talks about his injury and has Tony Jefferson as a co-host.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • His injury is a partial tear in his MCL, which is considered a strain. He can get around without his knee brace, but it just makes it easier to get around. He has to wear it when he sleeps. The timetable is actually not completely sure. It will depend on how his body responds.
  • He said he knew the injury wasn't too serious because he got his foot off the ground.
  • Campbell called Tony Jefferson "one of the best kept secrets in the NFL."
  • Campbell said Jefferson is "definitely the best-dancing player in the locker room."
  • Campbell recalled Jefferson's solo tackle on Marshawn Lynch. Jefferson said he "felt it" when he made the tackle. His rule is "lowest man wins" and "stop the feet." He focuses on the hips, except when he is trying to make a big hit.
  • Campbell called his interception of Peyton Manning "bittersweet." He hasn't lived down the fact that Manning tackled him "with one finger," as Jefferson joked.
  • Tony Jefferson said he used to "prefer playing center field" at safety. Now he is beginning to enjoy being in the box in the middle of things in the run game.
  • Jefferson said defensively "things definitely changed" when Campbell went down in Denver.
  • After Ron Wolfley called the chop block the creme de la creme of cheap shots. Campbell "would like to hope" Thomas didn't mean to it, but he feels like the play was purposeful, but that Thomas didn't intend on causing him injury.
  • Thomas finally texted Campbell and apologized, wishing him the best.
  • They talked about Jerraud Powers. Tony Jefferson called him very smart.
  • Logan Thomas "has looked a lot better" in practice this week. Jefferson said "this kid can throw." Jefferson thinks Thomas has improved his accuracy, calling it "way better than when he got here."
  • Jefferson gave some perspective about the Redskins offense. They like to run the ball "away from wherever the down safety is."
  • Ron Wolfley believes Kirk Cousins is one of the best 32 QBs on the planet. Jefferson praised Cousins' arm and accuracy. Campbell compared Cousins to Drew Stanton.

You can listen to the show without even leaving the page. Here is the embedded player: