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Who will start at QB for Arizona Cardinals vs. Washington Redskins? Not even Bruce Arians knows

All three players got work in on Friday and could be the starter on Sunday

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians knew the question was coming, so he addressed it right away. But he did so in joking fashion.

"According to Adam Schefter, Logan Thomas is starting, OK?" he said. "Ya'll take it from there."

He then was more serious.

"All three quarterback participated in practice today and, honest to God, first time in 20 years, I really don't know who's starting," he explained.

The head coach is also very confident in whomever gets the call on Sunday.

"I know whichever quarterback comes out and is in the huddle, he's going to play a great game," he told reporters. "There's no doubt in my mind about that and I don't know which one it's going to be yet."

Thomas is preparing as if he will start, but was very clear to say "this is Carson's team." If he's ready to go, he will start.

Carson threw more and, according to Arians, was at about 80 percent velocity, where his biggest improvement occurred. He is headed to Denver to get another treatment. Arians said his velocity is "close" to being able to play Sunday.

Backup Drew Stanton had not yet passed the concussion protocol as of the end of practice, but was headed to take the test. "If he passes, he will be in the mix on Sunday," Arians said. He participated in practice.

Arians noted the team could wait right up until before kickoff to make the decision and that it is a possibility all three guys could be active.

So do we have an answer or even a clue? Doesn't sound like it, although it did sound like Thomas got all the first team reps again on Friday. Arians said "he got all his reps" and expects any of the three to be able to do everything that is in the game plan.

The door is open for any of the three. Even though Arians mocked the Schefter report, Thomas getting the start should probably be considered the favorite to start. That's just my gut feeling. But it certainly could change.

My advice? Don't make any bets on this game based on who will start.