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Washington owner Daniel Snyder leaves game early, spits on the floor inside stadium

The Washington owner was very unhappy with referees.

Norm Hall

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder did not stay to see his team lose against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday and did something that many would consider very disrespectful.

Bertrand Berry, a former Cardinals player and current member of the Arizona's  postgame broadcast team with Alexan Balekian, reported Snyder left the game early in the fourth quarter (Balekian tweeted Berry's report), before leaving, emphatically spat on the ground inside the stadium as a visible act of disgust.

Berry was headed down early in the fourth quarter to begin work on the postgame show. He happened to be on the same elevator as Snyder and former Redskins quarterback Doug Williams.

The Washington owner was leaving the stadium, as he was unhappy with the ruling on the field that led to an Andre Roberts fumble not being overturned when it appeared he might have gotten his knee down before the ball came out.

Snyder was complaining about the call as the elevator went down and then, when he got off the elevator, which is a few feet from the stadium exit, he spat on the floor in disgust.

Berry said it was done "in a demonstrative way" as a means of disrespect, a way "to leave his mark" on the stadium on his way out.

At the time, Arizona only had a 20-13 lead on the Redskins.

Berry called out the behavior, saying the attitude of the owner shows in the attitude of the team. He called Snyder's behavior "one of the most disrespectful things you can do."

"How can you expect your players to go out there and fight to the end of the game" if the owner don't stay until the end, Berry asked on the air.

There is a conflicting report by Rob Carlin of Comcast Sports Net. He tweeted stating Snyder was in fact in the stadium after the game in the locker room.

This doesn't necessarily discredit Berry's report. There is no reason to believe Berry wasn't in the elevator with Snyder and Snyder might have stepped out for a few minutes before going down to the locker room. As for the spitting, Carlin doubts it, but there is no reason why Berry would fabricate the story.

It is just another embarrassment for an owner who is struggling with public support.