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Arizona Cardinals down 6 with 2 minutes left; do they win?

We answer a Marshall Faulk question.

Otto Greule Jr

Hall of Famer Marshalll Faulk has another question for us. This one is a tough one.

To be Professional Grade, you must be prepared for every situation. Imagine your team facing its next opponent. You're down by six, with 2 minutes left, on your own 30. I wanna know right now, what does your team do. Do they win, or do they lose?

The truth is we have no precedent since Bruce Arians came. We have not seen the Cardinals in that situation. They have not been down six in the final two minutes. We have seen game-winning drives in the fourth quarter -- last year against the Lions and Bucs, against Seattle and comebacks this season. But in almost every case, the defense was on the field at the end of the game to close it out.

However, Arizona has a veteran QB in Palmer who has won games. They have Andre Ellington. They have Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd.

I say...why not?

They work on these situations in practice all the time. We haven't seen it, but I would venture to say it would either work or they would turn it over.

What do you think? Can we really say one way or another if it hasn't come up?

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