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NFL Week 7 TV coverage maps

A look at what games will be on where you live.

Jeff Zelevansky

This week, in Week 7, CBS will have one broadcast in a market. FOX will have two.

Everyone will watch the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos Sunday night on NBC.

Butt what about the rest of the games? Where will they air? 506 Sports gives us the answer.

CBS Single game:

Dolphins/Bears: This matchup will be on in Arizona, but not in Yuma or the northeast corner. It will also air on all of Florida (excluding the Jacksonville market) and in parts of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. It will be on in northern Indiana, half of Michigan, most of Illinois, most of North Dakota, all South Dakota, and in parts of Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri.

Titans/Redskins: If this is the game you are looking for, you can see it locally in Tennessee and some border areas in Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky and Georgia. It is on in northern Mississippi. It will also air in part of North Carolina, almost all of Virginia, in a small area of West Virginia and in DC and Maryland.

Browns/Jaguars: This game has the smallest reach. It will be on in the Jacksonville area in Florida, in coastal Georgia, a small area outside of the Dallas area in Texas, in northern Ohio and the northwest tip of Pennsylvania.

Chiefs/Chargers: This late game will be on TV in Washington, most of Oregon, most of Nevada, part of Northern California and all Southern California, Yuma, in Utah, parts of Idaho and Wyoming, almost all Colorado and Kansas. It will also be on in most of Nebraska, most of Missouri, most of Iowa, most of Minnesota and most of Wisconsin. You can see it in eastern North Dakota and in the eastern half of Michigan. It is also on in and around St. Louis, Buffalo, Charlotte, Atlanta and New Orleans.

Bengals/Colts: This will be on in the rest of the US.

FOX Early games:

No game will air in the Jacksonville, Indianapolis or Chicago markets.

Vikings/Bills: This game airs in Minnesota and the Dakotas. It is also on in border areas of Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and Wisconsin. It also will be on TV in most of New York State.

Seahawks/Rams: This game will be shown in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, almost all Montana, part of Wyoming, western Nevada and most of Northern California. It will also be shown in most of Missouri and Illinois, as well as in small parts of Kansas, Arkansas and Kentucky.

Falcons/Ravens: You can see this game in Georgia, most of Alabama, the Florida panhandle and in border areas in South Carolina and Tennessee. It also will air in much of Pennsylvania, much of Ohio, part of West Virginia and most of Maryland.

Saints/Lions: You can see this game in the middle of Texas around Abilene and Austin and along the eastern border, in the eastern border of Oklahoma, in Louisiana and Mississippi. You can see it in almost all Arkansas, parts of Alabama and Tennessee. It is also on in Michigan, South Bend, Toledo and in and around Chesapeake.

Panthers/Packers will be on in the rest of the country. It is the game Cardinals fans will see.

FOX late games:

No game will air in San Diego.

Cardinals/Raiders: This game is on in Arizona, western Nevada, most of Northern California and in the area between Yuma and San Diego.

The rest of the country gets Giants/Cowboys.