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Cardinals vs. Raider results: Waht was the best play of the game from the 24-13 win?

This weeks top plays could have been any touch of Andre Ellington or Stepfan Taylor.

Ezra Shaw

It was a day of spurts as the Cardinals marched toward a respectable win over Oakland to become 5-1. That doesn't mean there weren't any big plays to get excited over, here are the best plays of the game

Andre Ellington's 37 yard catch

A brilliant way to start an exceptional performance, Palmer threw to Ellington in the flat. He then juked out two Raiders and with a utilizing a block sprinted down the Cardinals sideline before being knocked out of bounds, helping set up the first touchdown of the day.

Stepfan Taylor's 2 yard touchdown catch

Talking about the Cards first touchdown. Taylor's first touchdown was an incredible amount of athleticism and effort. After another throw to the flat, this time a poor one lofted behind Taylor. He took a hit and got his feet tied up, but Taylor didn't fall down, he instead used two steps to power himself forward and extended the ball past the goal-line.

Michael Floyd's 33 yard touchdown catch

One of the major differences between Palmer and Stanton is Palmer's willingness to be a risk-taker. With Floyd well covered running down the sideline, Palmer threw a nice pass out ahead of Floyd and allowed Michael Floyd to go up and get the ball. Which is exactly what Floyd did, caught the ball in stride and walked his way into the endzone.

Stepfan Taylor's 6 yard touchdown run

His second TD of the day and the first rushing of the year for Taylor. After Ellington led the team down the field into the red zone, Taylor made sure to capitalize on the run. He followed his blockers and ran nearly untouched to put the Cards up 21-13. A textbook example a perfect run play by both the offensive lineman and running back.

Chandler Catanzaro's 41 yard field goal

It's not necessarily that important, but he deserves recognition. With yesterday's field goal Catanzaro has now tied the record for most consecutive field goals for a rookie at 15 in a season. Many of them have been long tough kicks vital to every game, he may be a special kicker for a long time.

Those were the top plays I chose and I know I had to leave many great runs by both Ellington and Taylor. Larry Foote's sack on third down. John Brown's 22 yard catch to extend the clock killing. Vote for your favorite in the poll or tell us your play of the game in the comments.