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Bruce Arians: 'We need to play smarter for 60 minutes'

The head coach unhappy with offensive mental errors.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are 5-1 after a 24-13 win over the Oakland Raiders, but the team is far from perfect. Head coach Bruce Arians still had things to complain about when he spoke to the media on Monday (via Arizona Sports).

"We need to play smarter for 60 minutes," he said. "We're playing hard. If we play smarter, we're going to give ourselves a better chance to win."

Arians said it was the best game the defense had mentally, "but offensively we still continue to run a route short, line up wrong, do some things that are uncalled for. We had a sack because of miscommunication on who the 'Mike' linebacker was. Little things like that are hurting us offensively."

The number of offensive mistakes "is way too high."

Even still, they scored three touchdowns and controlled the ball for nearly 37 minutes against Oakland.

With a tough stretch of games coming up -- this weekend against the 5-1 Eagles and next weekend against the 6-1 Cowboys -- the offense will have much less margin for error.