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Which Philadelphia Eagles player could the Arizona Cardinals take?

In this hypothetical situation, we covet someone on the Eagles roster.

Rich Schultz

We can all agree that the Arizona Cardinals are a talented team. So are the Philadelphia Eagles.

Bleeding Green Nation has asked me to write about which player from their roster I would like to have here in Arizona.

The question is easy to answer -- WE WANT MARK SANCHEZ! We have to complete the trifecta of USC quarterbacks. The Cardinals drafted Matt Leinart, they now have Carson Palmer. They need Sanchez to finish up the series.

No, that isn't serious.

I can think of a number of Eagles players that would be a good fit.

There is LeSean McCoy, Darren Sproles, Fletcher Cox, Connor Barwin, Mychel Kendrick or DeMeco Ryans.

Who would be my pick?

Connor Barwin.

Barwin is a pass rusher. He has six sacks this season. The entire Cardinals team has seven sacks. He plays outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme under Billy Davis. We remember Davis and we remember the defenses that weren't all that good. Imagine what he could do with Todd Bowles.

He is the piece that the Cardinals need badly. Assuming Alex Okafor can continue to be productive, imagine having Barwin on the edge on one side and Okafor on the other side.

Ryans and Kendrick would also be very good choices, as they could replace Larry Foote. Cox is solid inside. We know about Sproles and McCoy. But Barwin would be the piece that would take the Arizona defense to very good to scary.