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Cardinals vs. Eagles preview: Despite adding no 'name-brand players,' Philly defense 'has been a big (positive) surprise'

Follow our live chat with Bleeding Green Nation.

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Bleeding Green Nation and ROTB have been doing several preview pieces. I have exchanged questions with lead writer Brandon Gowton, we have discussed which player from the other team we would take, I recorded a podcast interview and also now have had a running conversation with Mark Saltveit, one of the BGN writers.

The questions range from the injury situation Philadelphia finds itself in to the offensive struggles.

I use the word "fluky" to describe the scoring the Eagles have had -- seven non-offensive touchdowns in six games so far this season. Saltveit says "there is nothing fluky" about this, as Chip Kelly's Oregon teams were very good at doing the same thing.

We discuss the teams' defensive coordinators, who both had the same job with the other team. Saltveit calls Philly's defensive play "a big (positive) surprise" this season. They are happy with Billy Davis.

We pose hypothetical choices of players.

The ReplyAll conversation is embedded. We're not done yet. Follow along and check back again for updates.

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