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Cardinals vs. Eagles live blog, game chat, live updates

Chat about the game at hand.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The game is finally here! The Arizona Cardinals are set to go up against the Philadelphia Eagles. They will be aided by the return of Calais Campbell, who will start at defensive end, coming back from his MCL strain.

What will happen? Will it be a shootout? Will one team dominate the other? Will it be close the entire game? Will the Cardinals continue to take care of the ball? Will the Eagles turn the ball over?

I predicted a 23-13 Cardinals win and got smoked over at Bleeding Green Nation for thinking the Cardinals could hold their Eagles below 20 points. I think it happens.

It could be the breakout game offensively we have been waiting for.

Important to note -- Philly has backups at both center and left guard, where Calais Campbell lines up. That will be fun.

Chat about the game in this open thread.


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Now for some Twittering. Here are a pair of widgets to follow the game.