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Cardiinals vs. Eagles player of the game poll

Big performances helped propel the Cards to 6-1, time to choose who had the largest impact.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Before the game the various media pundits kept repeatedly talking about how Larry Fitzgerald had played against the Eagles in his entire career, specifically that he had scored 10 touchdowns, at least one in every game.

However, past performance doesn't predict future success. Who cares how Fitz played against older teams with players who weren't even on the field today. Turns out Fitzgerald intended to use today to prove all his detractors wrong.

But was he player of the game? Time to vote, here are your candidates:

Larry Fitzgerald

7 catches for 160 yards and a touchdown. The biggest play? An 80-yard touchdown off a slant. Fitzgerald needed one block and he proceeded to outrun the Eagles secondary. In an afternoon marred by a poor offensive play, the star WR proved that he still has the ability to carry the team when the need arises.

John Brown

The other bright spot on offense finished with 5 for 5 for 119 yards and another game winning touchdown where he torched the Eagles Nate Allen for 75 yards with 1:21 in the 4th quarter.

Antonio Cromartie

In a game where an offense puts up 500+ yards on offense the 31-year-old proved how important turnovers are in football. His first interception was in the end zone and returned 40 yards ending which could have been 14-7 Eagles. His second led to Catanzaro's only field goal which tied the game at 17-17.

Now for something different -- honorable mentions. These players were good, but not great and not necessarily player of the game worthy, though you may still vote for them and explain in the comments:

Rashad Johnson, Tony Jefferson

Johnson finished  with 10 tackles, 4 passes deflected. Jefferson with 11 tackles, 1 pass deflected. These guys have been phenomenal tackling in space which happens often with the complete lack of pressure the team is able to put on opposing offences.

Frostee Rucker

That forced fumble was this year's equivalent of Tyrann Mathieu's forced fumble on St. Louis last year. He never quit on the play and though only trying to tackle Josh Huff he prevented a touchdown. The three turnovers directly contributed to the win.