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Cardinals vs. Eagles results: The good and the horrible in Sunday's 24-20 win

The Cardinals continue to win ugly, but they also come in stunning fashion.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona slipped out of their own stadium with a win. It was close from start to finish, it was ugly for awhile, but when both offenses click, fireworks ensued.


Offense comes up clutch:

The Cardinals took the lead on their first possession of the second half, but for the rest of it they were pretty much bogged down. Momentum was killed by a turnover, several penalties, or just bad reads. Two drives however were crucial. The first to drive down the field, get to the 10, and tie up the game got confidence in the offense they could move the ball. The next drive, was the game winner, where Carson Palmer threw a beauty for John Brown for the 75 yard touchdown. They showed their no quit attitude, going for the kill, instead of wanting overtime.

Protection was decent:

Palmer was not sacked in this game, despite the Eagles coming in with 16 sacks their previous three games. The Eagles actually had him for a second, but he eluded their grasp and threw it away (although it was nearly picked). For the most part the pocket was clean for Palmer. He praised his linemen after the game for their work.

Fitz and Brown go off:

Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown dominated the Eagles secondary. Both surpassed 110 yards (160 for Fitzgerald 119 for Brown) and both scored touchdowns from 80 and 75 yards respectively. It was much needed as Michael Floyd dropped passes he naturally makes, and seemed hindered from a knee injury. Brown now has four touchdowns on the year with 316 yards, third for rookies behind Carolina's Kelvin Benjamin and Tampa's Mike Evans.

The Horrible:

Penalties Galore:

Both teams combined for 21 penalties and 198 yards. Arizona committed 10 of those penalties for 95 yards. You could make a case for a lot of them being ticky tack, or the refs just being anal, but there were some valid penalties. Arizona shot themselves in the foot with penalties on several drives that could have resulted in points.

Run game:

Again the run game was bad. Andre Ellington ran the ball 23 times for 71 yards, 3.1 yards per carry. He did score the teams first touchdown, but the offensive line had nearly no surge, or the guard could not get out on a b pull. Jonathan Cooper was in as a tight end on one play near the redzone, which was either the scoring run or the run leading up to the score (will have to check).

Pass rush:

Again the pass rush was nearly non-existent. They managed to get more pressure than in previous weeks, but eight quarterback hits on 62 drop backs is not enough. Mike Jurecki of Fox Sports 910AM, said that the Cardinals will push to acquire a pass rusher before Tuesday's deadline. You have to be hopeful that they can get someone with some sort of proven worth, but it seems unlikely.

Up next are the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas, a battle of two 6-1 teams, and essentially for NFC supremacy. Arizona is 4-0 against their NFC foes.