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Arizona Cardinals are the best in the NFC! Now what?

They have to keep proving themselves.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It might just be that the Arizona Cardinals will start getting some attention. After the Dallas Cowboys fell to the Washington Redskins, they now sit atop the NFC with the best record in the conference at 6-1.

People are actually talking about Arizona, too.

My wife was surprised to tell me how the Cardinals were the topic of conversation on ESPN Monday morning. That never happens.

It took beating a good East Coast team.

So now what?

Well, the tough part of the schedule has begun. They have to keep winning.

All this attention they are starting get will disappear if they lose to Dallas. It is just how it is, fair or not.

Here is the schedule the rest of the way: at Dallas, St. Louis at home, Detroit at home, at Seattle, at Atlanta, Kansas City at home, at St. Louis (Thursday night), Seattle at home and at San Francisco.

On that list, really only one game can you confidently "pencil in" as a victory, and that is the Rams at home.

Five NFC West games remain in the last eight games. The division battle is far from over. San Francisco will get key players back. Seattle will probably figure things out.

The Cardinals are in a good spot. They control things right now, but it could easily change because they have so many NFC West games left on the schedule.

Next up are the Cowboys. Arizona can keep that national buzz going and even make it grow a bit with a win. It won't be the same as if the Cowboys had beaten Washington, but it will still get more people's attention.

For now, we have a view from the top. It might not stay that way, but while the team is there, let's enjoy it.