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Quotable moments after Cardinals win over Eagles

Some things that were said that you might not have heard.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After home games, I get a lot of audio and a lot of quotes. Only some of them make it into stories. Here is where I share some that are worth reading.

Bruce Arians on the play call for the bomb to John Brown:

"We actually had the play called twice before and didn't have time to throw it. It's a play we like to call in that situation."

Arians on what they saw defensively from Philly to make that call:

"We play Dallas next week, I'm not giving them sh*t."

Arians on John Carlson's non-catch in the end zone:

"That's fundamental football. You catch it, you don't take a picture of it. You snatch it and put it away so that doesn't happen."

Again on the call for the Brown touchdown:

"I mean we're going to take our shots when they give them to you. You know we had players at the sticks. We had three guys at eight yards for first downs, but when there's a touchdown involved with the play, never pass it up. Don't play scared, play smart."

Arians on the fans:

"It was pretty good. It's been great all season, but that fourth quarter was pretty good. I thought we got out-fanned there for a little while in the third quarter, but they came up big in the fourth."

John Brown on the pass Palmer threw to him for the TD:

"I was kind of thinking that he overthrew me a bit, but it ended up being a great pass by Carson. It was right over the head, right in the basket."

Deone Bucannon on the hit that gave Patrick Peterson a concussion:

"When I see an Eagles player, I'm trying to hit him as hard as I ca. I didn't realize Pat was back there. I would never want to hurt anyone on purpose, especially on my own team."

Larry Fitzgerald on hearing John Brown almost caught him on his 80-yard touchdown:

"John Brown almost caught me? No...I'll look at it later."

Carson Palmer on whether he could make that final throw two weeks ago:

"I'll say yeah because you can't prove me wrong now."

Palmer on the finish to the game:

"That was a 59-minute, 60-second game. It came down to the very end."