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NFL Week 9 Power Rankings: Cardinals are the best in the NFC

Revenge against the Eagles means the Cardinals improve to high standing in the NFC but a tough contest against Dallas next week could make or break them.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We are just about halfway through the NFL season as week 8 comes to a close. We managed to predict most outcomes but some upsets came completely by surprise. However, for the most part, the power rankings are close to what you may predict.

1)   Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning and his passing offense seem unstoppable. Their one loss came against Seattle in overtime where Peyton was not given a chance to score. The best in the AFC and the best in the NFL faces a hot Tom Brady in Foxborough. However, the Denver defense seems to be playing just as well as their offense now. They have a  great pass rush and secondary that could carry them to the Super Bowl. Would you bet against Peyton? Because I wouldn't.

2)   Arizona Cardinals

A HUGE win over the Eagles this week shoots the Cardinals up to be the best not only in the west but also in the NFC. Bruce Arians has coached his team to near perfection suffering only one loss to the Broncos with their 3rd string quarterback. Cardinals are 6-1, their best record since starting 7-0 in 1974. A win next week will put them in a great spot to take the division.

3)   Dallas Cowboys

DeMarco Murray is on fire with already 1,000 yards rushing. The overtime loss to Washington was an easy win Dallas should have secured, especially with a tough matchup vs. the Cards coming up. They have all of the weapons, but can they get it done?

4)   New England Patriots

Despite their week one loss that had people doubting the Patriots ability to secure wins, they have strung together 4 in a row with a complete blowout vs. the Bears. Their offense is stellar with Tom Brady hitting Brandon LaFell and Rob Gronkowski in the air and Shane Vereen drilling on the ground. Next week is Brady vs. Manning. All eyes on the top 4.

5)   Philadelphia Eagles

Despite a loss to the revenge seeking Cardinals, the Eagles are still flying high. They have been consistently in the top 10 for power rankings week to week and will remain there. If Nick Foles can remove his interceptions, he will rally his team to be the best in the NFC.

The Others:

6) Detroit Lions

7) Green Bay Packers

8) Indianapolis Colts

9) San Diego Chargers

10) San Francisco 49ers

11) Seattle Seahawks

12) Pittsburgh Steelers

13) Cincinnati Bengals

14) Baltimore Ravens

15) New Orleans Saints

16) Kansas City Chiefs

17) Buffalo Bills

18) Miami Dolphins

19) Cleveland Browns

20) Carolina Panthers

21) New York Giants

22) Houston Texans

23) Chicago Bears

24) Washington Redskins

25) Minnesota Vikings

26) Atlanta Falcons

27) St. Louis Rams

28) Tennessee Titans

29) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

30) New York Jets

31) Jacksonville Jaguars

32) Oakland Raiders