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Carson Palmer shoulder injury 'not season threatening,' 'not career-threatening'

Quarterback and team just need to keep doing what they are doing.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals fans can rest a little easier with the shoulder injury Carson Palmer has. After he went to California to get a spine specialist's opinion, there is nothing new to worry about or new treatment to try.

"No new feedback," Palmer told reporters on Thursday (via "It was the exact thing our doctors have been telling us."

Palmer indicated "there is no structural damage to the shoulder," there will be no need for surgery and "it's not career-threatening, it's not season-threatening or anything like that."

Palmer said he has learned how "finicky" nerves can be.

"This is just something you have to continue to work and when it's ready, it's ready, so we're going to continue with the same rehab process."

So that is positive. It shouldn't going to end his career. It will wake up at some point and he will play again, but no one knows when.

According to Fox Sports' Jack MacGruder, Palmer's nerve issue is rare -- a "one in 100,000" kind of deal, and is mostly connected to automobile accidents.

Until then, it will be Drew Stanton at the helm.

How long can the Cardinals go with Stanton and still expect to be playoff contenders? Do you give the Cardinals a chance against the Broncos on the road?