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Cardinals vs. Cowboys: Which team needs home-field advantage more?

Marshall Faulk asks us another question.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk has been asking a question every week for SB Nation sites to discuss as part of the GMC Playbook. This week, he has a question geared specifically to the Arizona Cardinals and Dalllas Cowboys.

He asks this:

Division-leading Arizona and Dallas have surprised all experts. They surprised me, too. To be GMC Professional Grade you must seize opportunity when presented. This huge matchup may determine where the conference championship game is played. Who has the most realistic path? Which team needs home field advantage more-Dallas or Arizona?

This is a tough question. Road games have not bee a huge obstacle. Both teams have won in Seattle. Both have a loss on the road and have won on the road. Arizona traveled to New York and got the win.

So who needs it more in the playoffs?

I am actually going to skirt the question a bit and say it will mean more for Arizona. Because of how the stars are aligning, Arizona could play things right and play in University of Phoenix Stadium all through the postseason. If they get the top seed in the NFC, they would get a bye, then host potentially two playoff games to get to the Super Bowl, which also would be played at University of Phoenix Stadium.

I don't know if the Cardinals need home-field. It certainly helps when your home stadium is the most disruptive. Arizona's stadium has had more opponent false start penalties than any other stadium. So while I don't know is Arizona needs home-field in the postseason, it certainly would be special to play in front of the home crowd in every postseason game en route to a championship.

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