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Cardinals vs. Cowboys: Bruce Arians, Todd Bowles preview matchup in Dallas

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Over the past couple of days, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians and defensive coordinator Todd Bowles have commented about the upcoming game the team has against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

One of the big questions entering the game is the status of Dallas starting quarterback Tony Romo, who has not practiced yet this week. Arians believes "100 percent" that Romo will play, but he isn't going to worry about any dfferent game planning.

"They're not going to change," Arians told the media on Wednesday. "It's not like they're all of a sudden going to the read option. It's going to be the same offense."

They key is one player -- running back DeMarco Murray, who has set a record with eight straight games of at least 100 yards rushing to start a season.

Nonetheless, Dallas can still do what they want to do with backup Branden Weeden in the game. :The one thing with Branden, he does have a really, really strong arm," Arians said. "He can get it way down the field, as does Tony."

Defensive coordinator talked a bit about Dallas' offensive weapons. He said Murray "can run over you" and is "quick enough to run around you."

Receiver Dez Bryant presents a challenge as well.

Bowles calls him "big, strong and physical."

"He does everything," Bowles continued. "He's got the body of a tight end and he's a receiver. He's a very, very special talent.

"The thing that scares you is you can have him defended, but he's just going to go up and high point a ball and take it one-handed."

Bowles compared him to two very, very good receivers. He said with Bryant, "it's like looking at Michael Irvin all over again." Irvin, if you don't remember, was a career Cowboy during their glory years in the 90s and is in the Hall of Fame. Bowles also said Bryant "can play like Larry (Fitzgerald) has in the past."

On the defensive side of the ball, Arians is very familiar with what Dallas wants to do. He has faced Dallas DC Rod Marinelli for about 20 years.

"They don't do a lot of things, but what they do, they know well," explained Arians. "They drop zone coverage as well as anybody. They get to their spots. They've got seven eyes on the quarterback and the front four is hunting the quarterback. That hasn't changed."

Where do you think the Cowboys present the biggest challenge for Arizona?

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