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NFL Week 5 open thread for non-Cardinals games

Chat about the games that are on before and after the Cardinals game.

Thomas B. Shea

Well, it isn't time for the Arizona Cardinals to play, but there is a game on.

The early game on TV in Arizona is Texans/Cowboys. While Cardinals fans loathe the Cowboys in general, it is worth watching. Arizona travels to Big D to play the Cowboys later this season.

The Cardinals will play in the late game and then, for Sunday Night Football, the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Foxboro.

In either of these games, who are you hoping wins? Wouldn't it be cool if the Cardinals won and then the Bengals lost? Then the Cardinals would be the only unbeaten team in the entire league.

Of course, there is always fantasy football to consider. Do you have any players from these teams on your fantasy roster?

This will serve and the open thread for both the morning game and the Sunday Night Football game.


1. No personal attacks or trolling

2. Absolutely no sharing or requesting online streams of games. That will get you banned.