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NFL Week 5 Power Rankings: Cardinals fall out of top 5; Seattle still on top

Cardinals week 5 loss mixed with injuries pulls them down the ranks.

Doug Pensinger

The NFL weeks had been filled with upset after upset. This most recent week was much more predictable, causing the power rankings to scatter in all different directions. Bold choices are to follow.

1) Seattle Seahawks (4-1):

No doubt, the Seahawks were nowhere near their best on Monday night and yet they still pulled off a win. The Seahawks only loss comes from San Diego who is looking just as hot as them. But for now, the 12th man stands tall.

2) San Diego Chargers (4-1):

They took down the Seahawks. They have destroyed nearly every opponent and their only loss came from a one-point deficit in Phoenix. Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates are back at their prime. AFC West is where it is.

3) Philadelphia Eagles (4-1):

The Eagles are facing a schedule that they have the ability to get the best of. Even when they are not at their best, Philly still finds a way to win. Their defense played well this past week forcing three fumbles and creating two touchdowns. Eagles are flying high and have a great chance at winning their division.

4) Denver Broncos (3-1):

What a whooping Peyton threw out as he reached his 500th career pass in his defeat of the unbeaten Cards. The running game is really the only thing holding back this Broncos team. The spread of pass/rush plays is quite even yet Manning hits almost 500 yards while the ground game totals at 164. If Denver can spur up their rushers they will be the team to beat.

5) New England Patriots (3-2):

Tom Brady retuned in full swing, reaching the milestone of 50,000 passing yards he was nothing short of fire. They took down our previously ranked No. 1 team, Cincinnati and for that reason they stand in the top five. Has Belichick carried his team back to their elite status? More importantly, will the real Tom Brady please stand up?

6) Cincinnati Bengals (3-1):

The Patriots destroyed the unbeaten Bengals. They were previously ranked number one team could not figure out a way to get their offense rolling and keep Tom Brady off the field. The Bengals are still major playoff contenders will their upcoming schedule, but elite is still a questionable adjective to associate with this team.

7) Indianapolis Colts (3-2):

Andrew Luck is carrying this team now and can surely carry them into the postseason. He has motivated his team to stand up against tough opponents and continually frustrate defenses. The Philly and Denver losses are the only things holding back these playoff contenders.

8) Green Bay Packers (3-2):

Green Bay, as expected, blew out the Vikings. Although the Packers are stricken by injury they have huge playmakers on their offense and defense. The NFC North has been notoriously the most unpredictable division in the NFL. However, it's safe to say one should never lose faith in the arm of Aaron Rogers.

9) Arizona Cardinals (3-1):

Cardinals have dropped five spots not entirely because of their embarrassing second half blowout in Denver to receive their first loss. The main reason the Cards fall is because of the shaky situation at quarterback in the coming weeks. Other injuries on the defensive side of the ball may also cause problems in the future. Cards are a good team but their future rests in Carson Palmer's hands -- or rather, his shoulder.

10) Dallas Cowboys (4-1):

Two words: DeMarco Murray. This guy has carried his team on his shoulders. His success has promoted the entire Cowboys team to play better. The awful Cowboys defense has not necessarily become the Seahawks overnight; Murray just doesn't give them the chance to be on the field long enough to return to their old ways.  The Cowboys are contenders.

Here are the remaining rankings:

11) San Francisco 49ers

12) Kansas City Chiefs

13) Baltimore Ravens

14) Buffalo Bills

15) Carolina Panthers

16) Atlanta Falcons

17) Detroit Lions

18) Chicago Bears

19) New York Giants

20) Pittsburgh Steelers

21) Cleveland Browns

22) New Orleans Saints

23) Miami Dolphins

24) Houston Texans

25) Minnesota Vikings

26) New York Jets

27) Washington Redskins

28) Tennessee Titans

29) St. Louis Rams

30) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

31) Oakland Raiders

32) Jacksonville Jaguars