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NFL power rankings, Week 6: Arizona Cardinals drop in rankings after big loss

Rounding up the power rankings for you.

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When it comes to weekly power rankings, you had to expect it. The Arizona Cardinals are not the darlings of the league anymore now that they have suffered their first loss of the season. They are also without more key players.

Let's see where the Cardinals are ranked and why:

Our own Delilah Cassidy was up for power rankings this week. She ranked Arizona ninth.

Cardinals have dropped five spots not entirely because of their embarrassing second half blowout in Denver to receive their first loss. The main reason the Cards fall is because of the shaky situation at quarterback in the coming weeks. Other injuries on the defensive side of the ball may also cause problems in the future. Cards are a good team but their future rests in Carson Palmer's hands -- or rather, his shoulder.

SB Nation's power rankings had the Cardinals barely falling. Danny Kelly had them fall from fourth to fifth.

The Cardinals fell apart after sustaining injuries to several key players, including quarterback Drew Stanton. Stanton should likely return within a week or two, but with Carson Palmer's return date uncertain, Calais Campbell now several weeks out, Patrick Peterson banged up and Matt Shaughnessy out at least six games, Arizona appears to be losing the battle of attrition. That should have an effect on the next few weeks.

ESPN's rankings had the Cardinals begin a bit of a freefall. They had the Cardinals dropping almost out of the top 10. They are now number 10.

Logan Thomas threw an 81-yard touchdown pass Sunday, the first touchdown of his career. It was his other throws that didn't work (0-for-7).

CBS Sports has been much kinder to Arizona thus far this season. Pete Prisco has the Cardinals slipping a little, but not much. The loss to Denver drops them only two spots, leaving them fifth overall.

Losing one quarterback is hard enough. Losing two is too much to overcome. Despite it all, they were in the Denver game in the fourth, which is a good sign.

FOX Sports had the Cardinals as their biggest drop in the rankings. They dropped Arizona seven spots and out of the top 10. Arizona is ranked 12th this week.

The Cardinals battled hard and kept the game close into the third quarter against a tough Broncos squad despite losing arguably their best defensive player (Calais Campbell) and their quarterback (Drew Stanton). Third-string QB Logan Thomas wasn't quite ready for the NFL and it showed, but the more alarming issue was the play from the Cardinals secondary.

Lastly, let's look at AZCentral's weekly rankings. Bob McManaman almost dropped the Cardinals out of the top 10, but instead leaves them at number 10.

I almost dropped them out of the Top 10, simply because they've had so many players drop due to injury. If the Cardinals are going to survive, they need Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton to get healthy right away -- like in time for Sunday's home game against Washington. Otherwise, a great start is going to be for naught.

From fifth to 12th is where the local and national media rank the Cardinals. Where would you rank them now? Do you consider their play on the field or do you consider the injuries they have suffered?

Tell us about your thoughts in the comments below.