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Despite Julius Thomas chop block, Bruce Arians wouldn't get rid of all low blocks

The Cardinals head coach isn't calling for extreme measures.

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Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has been very vocal about the block that Julius Thomas had on Calais Campbell. He has called it "the dirtiest play" he has seen in all his years of coaching. He is convinced that is it premeditated. He is upset that Thomas gets to continue to play while Campbell is out one to three weeks, which is very fortunate.

But when Arians was on "Late Hits" with Alex Marvez on Tuesday, he didn't have much else to say. "Our player is not going to play and theirs is," he said.

He was asked about the possibility of banning all low blocks. He was not willing to go that far.

"You never work against illegal blocks, but there's still going to be a place for a little guy to block a bigger guy legally below the waist," he said. "I don't think you can always ask your backs to block, especially when a defensive lineman's coming in there. If you stay up, he's going to break his neck, and that's much worse than a cut block.

"I think there's still a place in the game for guys taking people off their feet....No, I'm not a fan of taking it out of football. I think there's still a place for it."

In other news, it is being reported that Thomas is simply being fined $8,268. No suspension. It is what was expected, but that will close the book on that story.