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NFL Week 11 TV coverage map

See what games are on in what parts of the country.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

It is Week 11. There are some big games, like the Cardinals/Lions game. Too bad most of the country won't see it because of the Eagles/Packers game.

The Sunday night game is Patriots/Colts. Everyone can see that on NBC. Who can blame the league for keeping that game there?

So what about the other games and where will they be on? Here is how the coverage is broken up, as per 506 Sports.

Today, FOX gets two games and CBS only one.

CBS single game:

The one late game is Raiders/Chargers. That will air along the West Coast in all California, most of Oregon, about half of Washington and in Yuma and western Nevada. It will also be on in the Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Charlotte, DC and New York City markets.

Texans/Browns will air in most of Texans (not the Dallas/Forth Worth area or El Paso), almost all of Arkansas, almost all Ohio, as well as in some border areas in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Vikings/Bears will be on in the North, covering the northeast corner of Montana, all the way to Michigan. It will air in all of North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, most of Illinois, most of Iowa, most of South Dakota and in border areas in Nebraska, Missouri and Indiana.

Bengals/Saints will be on in the South and parts of the Northeast. It will air in Louisiana, most of Mississippi, all Alabama, almost all Georgia, almost all the Carolinas (just not in the Charlotte market), the Florida panhandle, much of Kentucky, almost all West Virginia, part of Virginia, in the Cincinnati Dayton areas of Ohio and in most of Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.

The rest of the country will get Broncos/Rams. That is what will be on in Arizona outside of Yuma.

FOX Early games

No game will air in the St. Louis area, New Orleans or Chicago areas.

Falcons/Panthers will air in the Carolinas and Georgia, as well as in northern Florida, much of Alabama, part of Kentucky and Virginia and an area in Louisiana.

Buccaneers/Redskins will be on in much of Florida, Virginia and Maryland, as well as in border areas in West Virginia.

49ers/Giants isn't as big as it could be. It is on in most of California, in western Nevada, part of Louisiana, part of Arkansas, part of Tennessee and then Pennsylvania and on up through the Northeast, excluding Boston. It also airs in Miami and West Palm Beach.

The rest of the nation, will get Seahawks/Giants.

FOX late games

No game will air in San Diego.

There are only two . Lions/Cardinals is on in most of Arizona, in some of California, in most of Oregon, all Washington, most of Idaho, much of Montana. It also is on in Michigan.

The rest of the country gets Eagles/Packers.