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Cardinals vs. Lions live blog and updates

Keep it here to discuss the game.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lion are playing to determine who is the best in the NFC (for now).

This is your open thread.

What are you hoping to see from the Cardinals today? How worried are you about this game?

Some storylines to consider:

1. Drew Stanton plays against his former team.

2. 4th quarter strength vs. 4th quarter strength

3. Two top defenses -- which offense can take care of the ball?

Discuss the game and enjoy yourself

Remember the following:

1. Language restrictions are removed for this thread, but keep the foul language here and not on the postgame stuff. And keep it to a minimum here if you can.

2. No trolling or personal attacks. If you are a fan for another team, please be respectful.

3. Do not request or share online feeds to the game. You will be banned.

Here are some Twitter widgets to follow the game with: