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Cardinals vs. Lions 2nd half live blog and reactions

Arizona leads at the half. Can they hold off the Lions, who love to rally.

Christian Petersen

It is halftime and the Arizona Cardinals lead the Detroit Lions 14-6. Drew Stanton threw a pair of first quarter touchdowns to Michael Floyd, but also threw a pair of interceptions.

Arizona outgained the Lions 230-137 offensively. They have had some success running the ball, too. Detroit is the best in the league at stopping the run and Andre Ellington has 12 carries for 45 yards.

Stanton started the game 8/10, but has cooled off a bit. He is 11/17 for 186 yards, two scores and two interceptions.

Can the Cards hold the lead? Detroit has come from behind in the fourth quarter three times this season.

Larry Fitzgerald left the game with a knee injury but is expected to return.

Calvin Johnson has not hurt Arizona yet -- he only has one catch for four yards.

Chat away! It is your open thread.

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