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Cardinals vs. Lions results: What was the play of the game in the AZ victory?

What's a Megatron?

Norm Hall


Which play was the key to helping the Cardinals improve their record to the best since they were the Chicago Cardinals? Yes, you read that correctly.

Michael Floyd's to the House:

The Cardinals were in question all week after the loss of their star quarterback Carson Palmer, who tore his ACL against the St. Louis Rams. Palmer's replacement, Drew Stanton succeeded right out of the gate. The Cardinals ran a draw lay, which the offensive line had trouble blocking for. This caused Stanton to scramble out of the pocket toward the Detroit sideline, load, and let it fly. Michael Floyd made a spectacular grab in the front corner of the end zone on the under thrown ball while being illegally defended.

Stanton to Hughes:

Stanton started in shotgun and was put under immediate pressure by the Lions defensive line. Stanton hit Robert Hughes on a slant route for a short gain. However, Hughes powered through a weak tackle and broke to the outside. Utilizing some blockers, he got all the way to the 25-yard line for a total of 49 yards on the play.  This play set up the Cardinals only other touchdown of the day.

Floyd squared:

Not even six minutes after the first touchdown catch; Floyd was in the end zone with another. Stanton was lined up in shotgun with a clump of wide receivers on his right. Immediately after the snap, Stanton seems to have made his best decisions under pressure as he released the ball within 2 seconds of catching it. Floyd made a Brandon Marshall like catch in the front corner of the end zone on a slightly overthrown ball for the 12-yard touchdown to put the Cardinals up 14-0 in the first quarter.

Rashad Johnson kills the Lions momentum:

The Lions defense performed well in the second half. It was only a matter of time until their offense picked up speed as well. With 4 minutes left to play in the 3rd quarter the Lions had the ball on their own 44-yard line with a crucial 3rd down. Unlike Drew Stanton, Matt Stafford cannot make great throws in shotgun while under pressure as he launched it deep (and slightly off-target) to the left side in hopes of Calvin Johnson producing a miracle. Rashad Johnson swooped in from the other wide of the field to get a hand on the ball, bobble it, and eventually secure it for the interception.

What do you think? What was the play of the game vs. the Detroit Lions? Cast your vote below! Is there one we missed? Comment below and let us know!