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Week 11 Power Rankings: Cardinals stand at No. 1 in the NFL

After a nerve racking week, the Cardinals performed. As a result, they earned the top spot on the list of the power rankings.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Week 11 is in the books and the Cardinals have racked up yet another win. Unlike last week, the top threat in the NFL is:

1)  Arizona Cardinals (9-1):

With the loss of Carson Palmer for the rest of the season due to an ACL tear, the Cardinals were in question by nearly every NFL fan. Could they hold it together without their leader? They answered: Yes. Drew Stanton flew out of the gates against a Lions defense that had been looking great all year. The defense played at their best by preventing any touchdowns and shutting down superstar Calvin Johnson. Performance of the week was in the desert.

2) New England Patriots (8-2):

The best team in the AFC earned this spot at number two after a blowout against Andrew Luck and the Colts. Surprisingly, Tom Brady was not the star this week but he still plays a major role in the ranking of this team. A win against the Lions next week will prove they are just as good as the Cards. However, a loss will be detrimental to their quest for the NFLs best.

3) Green Bay Packers (7-3):

Back-to-back 50-point explosions produced by Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay offense. Maybe some saw that coming for the Bears, but for the Eagles it came as more of a shock. Above all, this team has the tough road behind them as they face the Vikings, Bills, and Bucs in the upcoming weeks. Besides squaring off against the Patriots away from home at the end of November, they are full speed ahead to take the NFC North.

4) Dallas Cowboys (7-3):

I know many people may not agree with this one but this 2014 Dallas team has the heart they've been missing. As always, the winter months roll around and so does 8-8. With the way DeMarco Murray is playing alongside the other offensive weapons, his team won't go down without a fight. Up next they face Eli Manning and the Giants, which should be a walk in the park (knock on wood).

5) Denver Broncos (7-3):

Yes, they were upset by St. Louis but would you place you life on the line for Peyton and Sanders to miss the playoffs? Finish with less than 10 wins? You're a brave fellow.

6) Detroit Lions (7-3):

Suffering a loss to the best in the NFL is not enough to shift the Lions more than one or two spots. Their front line had a tough time sopping Arizona's explosive defense and Patrick Peterson shut down their #1 target. They impressively held the Cards scoreless for three quarters of the game. A huge game against Tom Brady next week is the toughest they'll face until the end of the season against Rogers. I'd predict the Lions to snatch a wildcard slot.

The remaining:

7) Kansas City Chiefs

8) Indianapolis Colts

9) Philadelphia Eagles

10) San Francisco 49ers

11) Baltimore Ravens

12) Cincinnati Bengals

13) Miami Dolphins

14) Seattle Seahawks

15) Pittsburg Steelers

16) San Diego Chargers

17) New Orleans Saints

18) St. Louis Rams

19) Buffalo Bills

20) Cleveland Browns

21) Huston Texans

22) Chicago Bears

23) Carolina Panthers

24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

25) Atlanta Falcons

26) Minnesota Vikings

27) New York Giants

28) Washington Redskins

29) New York Jets

30) Tennessee Titans

31) Jacksonville Jaguars

32) Oakland Raiders

What do you think? Was it too bold to put Dallas in the top 5? Should the Rams have flown up the ladder after defeating Denver? Comment below!