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Cardinals vs. Cowboys results: 7 things we learned in Arizona's 28-17 win

This was a great game!

Ronald Martinez

The Arizona Cardinals went into Dallas and, despite falling behind 10-0 in the first quarter, finished with a 28-17 win, allowing the final seven points in the final two minutes when the game was already decided.

What did we learn in the win?

DeMarco Murray is not unstoppable

After a record eight straight games to start the season gaining at least 100 rushing yards, the league's number three rush defense ended it. Murray ended up with 79 yards on 19 carries. He was actually outrushed by Arizona's Andre Ellington, who gained 95 yards on 21 carries.

Andre Ellington looked like his 2013 version

He had 95 yards rushing, averaging over four yards per carry and added four catches for 39 yards and a touchdown. He had two plays of 20 yards each. He was effective in the running game. With another 134 yards from scrimmage, he is now on pace for almost 1750 total yards from scrimmage.

Dallas missed Tony Romo...a lot

No one should feel sorry for Dallas and the Cardinals won't, but Brandon Weeden just is not the same caliber QB as Tony Romo. Weeden was 18/33 for 183 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions. He was bad and the numbers don't even really tell the tale. 68 of those yards and the touchdown came in garbage time. That isn't to say that Romo means Dallas wins, but the Cowboys just couldn't do much offensively, gaining only 266 yards of offense. They averaged 400 yards per game entering the game.

Dan Williams came up big

Williams is a big guy and he played well. Getting more snaps than typical with the Arizona defense playing a lot with four defensive linemen, he had seven tackles, two for losses and a sack. He was dominant.

John Carlson had a bad game

He caught a touchdown pass, but he also dropped three passes and was called for a holding penalty that took away a big Andre Ellington run. He has had a very disappointing year after looking so good  in the preseason.

Patrick Peterson was a shutdown corner

Dez Bryant was held catchless until the final drive of the game. He finished with two catches and a touchdown in garbage time. Peterson "erased" Bryant, as Bruce Arians said postgame. He wasn't perfect, though. He was flagged a couple of times, but Bryant was visibly frustrated all game. On the other side, Antonio Cromartie picked off a pass. Dallas only completed six passes to their receivers.

Arizona is the best in the NFC

At 7-1, the Cardinals are now alone atop the NFC. They have swept the NFC East and are 5-0 in the NFC. They are winning, they are winning against top teams and they have won in their division. This season is starting to shape up into something special.