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Cardinals vs. Seahawks: Who needs this game more?

Marshall Faulk asks a question. We answer it.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

It is time for our weekly question from Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk. He has a question specifically for ROTB and Field Gulls, our Seahawks site at SB Nation.

Here is what Marshall asks:

Being GMC Professional Grade means leveraging momentum to your advantage. Seattle-Arizona is the kind of game that defines the course of the rest of the season. Who needs it more? Seattle, to re-establish themselves as the defending champs? Or Arizona, to defy the crowd and prove that it's a new season with a new favorite?

There is an interesting answer to this.

I think you have to say Seattle needs this game more. They are three games behind the Cardinals in the division with six games left. They need a win to get back into the race, especially since they already have four losses. They need to win to get some swagger back  to make a run.

However, this is bigger for Arizona. A loss doesn't do much. They are still 9-2 and in control of things. But a win stomps the life out of the division. They would wrap up the NFC West. They would be up four games on Seattle with five games remaining. They would be 10-1 and they would firmly send the message around the league saying "we are for real, we are no fluke."

A win in Seattle for the second game in a row should put Arizona firmly in the conversation as championship contenders.

A loss doesn't hurt them much, but it does open the door ever so slightly to more doubting --- not those on the team, just the people who cover the NFL.

It is interesting. There is no air of invincibility around the Seahawks. Their defense is not what it was a season ago. Offensively, it is all Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson. Plus, Arizona has already won there and did it with four Carson Palmer interceptions and without Rashad Johnson or Tyrann Mathieu playing.

The Seahawks need it more, but a win would be bigger for the Cardinals .

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