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Thursday Night Football, Chiefs vs. Raiders: Live blog, picks

Are you watching?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The night you have been waiting for! You get to watch...the Raiders.

It is a big AFC West rivalry, but the Raiders might go 0-16 this season and the Chiefs just beat the Seahawks.

Are you excited? Well, it's not much to be excited about, except maybe to scout the team that will next be coming to University of Phoenix Stadium.

This is your open thread, so chat about the game if you are watching.

Now for picks:

The spread is KC -7. The AFC West typically plays games close and the Raiders have been doing just that. I will take the points and the Raiders.

You will see why in a moment.

Here are our staff TNF picks:

Jess Root Seth Cox Jesse Reynolds Jason Mulkey Michael Oliver Delilah Cassidy Alex Mann Skii

Yes, I picked the Raiders.

I don't believe they will go 0-16, so they have to win at some point. At home on a short week against a division rival is as good a chance as they will have.