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NFL Week 12 TV coverage maps

See what games are on in different areas on Sunday.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It is Week 12 of the NFL season. There are some good games, especially that game between your Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks.

Will your area get to see that marquee matchup?

We know that the whole country gets Sunday Night Football on NBC. The NFC East battle between the Giants and Cowboys.

Let's look at the day games. CBS gets two broadcasts and FOX gets one this week. This comes from 506 Sports.

CBS early games:

In the Boston area, the Chicago area and most of Minnesota, there will be no CBS game.

Jaguars/Colts will air in northern Florida from Tallahassee to Orlando, in southern and coastal Georgia, most of Illinois, most of Indiana and a part of Kentucky.

Browns/Falcons Is on in most of the South. It will air in the Tampa Bay area and the panhandle in Florida. It is also on in almost all Louisiana, almost all Mississippi, almost all Alabama, most of Georgia and in the Carolinas. It is also on in Las Vegas and southern Nevada, most of Ohio, in two small border areas in Pennsylvania and in the Rochester area.

Titans/Eagles will air in the area in and around Dallas, creeping into Oklahoma, northern Mississippi, the north border of Alabama, the north border in Georgia, the eastern border in Arkansas, almost all Tennessee, in eastern Iowa, almost all Virginia, in Maryland (not Baltimore) and the nation's capitol, most of Pennsylvania, in New Jersey, in Connecticut and in eastern New York, including New York City. It also will be aired in eastern Washington, northern Idaho, the far west Montana border and the northeast corner of Oregon.

The rest of the country will get Bengals/Texans. Arizonans will see this game.

CBS late games:

No game will air in San Diego.

Redskins/49ers will air in northern California, down to Bakersfield. It also will be on in western Nevada, southwest Oregon, the Dallas and Waco areas, Maryland, DC, almost all Virginia, parts of North Carolina and in two small border areas in Pennsylvania and one in Ohio.

Everyone else, including Arizona, will get Dolphins/Broncos.

FOX single game:

Buccaneers/Bears can be seen in most of Florida (not the panhandle, Jacksonville or Miami and West Palm Beach), the southern border of Georgia, most of Illinois, parts of Indiana, parts of Iowa, part of Missouri and also parts of Kentucky.

Rams/Chargers, a late game, will be on in southern California, except a patch near Yuma, most of Missouri and in border areas in Kansas, Arkansas, Kentucky and Illinois.

Packers/Vikings will air in the North. It will air in all of Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas, It will also be on in northern Michigan, the eastern half of Montana, some border ares in Wyoming, almost all Nebraska, almost all Iowa and in a pair of birder areas in Missouri. There is also a small area in northern California where it will be on.

Cardinals/Seahawks, another late game, can be seen in Washington, Oregon, almost all Idaho, western Montana and almost all Arizona. It will also be on in California near Yuma, in Texas from Odessa to the Mexican border and also in and around Houston. It will air in the Jacksonville area, in the Atlanta market, in north Alabama, in the Nashville market, in the Richmond market, in and around Philadelphia, in most of Indiana and Ohio.

The rest of the country will see Lions/Patriots.