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Vote for the play of the game from the Cardinals at Seahawks

There are always good plays to choose from, even after a loss.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The defense played their hearts out and looked outstanding. Just looking at the stats someone may think it was a blowout. But even midway through the fourth quarter the defense made it look like the Cardinals offense would still be able to mount a comeback.

That deserves a vote on the best plays:

Calais Campbell's 7 yard sack

This came two plays after Wilson's 40-yard run. Campbell was barely touched, but this was because the Seahawks were running a screen pass. Because Campbell is a giant Wilson couldn't throw over him and had no time to scramble.

Tommy Kelly 49 yard field goal block

Truthfully, I thought this was Calais Campbell who got a hand on the ball, but regardless both of their hands at about the same height. A great clutch play that put life back into the offense who then went down the field and unfortunately put the only points on the scoreboard. That's two blocks for Tommy Kelly this year.

Alex Okafor's 10 yard sack

Alex Okafor has been an obvious boon to the pass rush since he came back from injury and continued to impress against the Seahawks. He blitzed Wilson's blind side and speed rushed around the line giving Wilson no time to scramble out of the pocket.

John Brown's 33 yard catch

The catch came at the end of the third quarter, but kept hope alive for the offense to score some points. John Brown adjusted his running speed caught the under thrown pass with some defensive pass interference and got both feet inbounds. It was so good Pete Carroll challenged the play because he didn't think it was possible Brown made the catch.

Think there was a better play? Write it in the comments.