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NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: Patriots lead the Pack; Cardinals in top 5

The New England Patriots proved that they belong on the top while the Cardinals proved they have some room to improve

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Week 12 is in the books for the NFL season. Hard to believe the regular season is almost over. Many teams are waiting for their painful season to end while a select few are just getting started. With that said - Revenge of the Birds presents the week 12 power rankings:

1)   New England Patriots (9-2)

1 to 2 to 1 to 2. The Pats are the best in the AFC and this week they've shown they are also the best in the NFL. They blew out the Lions that contended closely with the Cards. Sure, anyone in the NFL can be beaten on any given day but the Patriots have held on. Next week they will face the real challenge to prove themselves once and for all against the Packers.

2)   Green Bay Packers (8-3)

Aaron Rogers is bulldozing his competition. They scared the entire state of Wisconsin late in the game last week but a win is a win and the Packers have all that they need to succeed on offense. The question moving forward will be how their defense performs, especially next week against arguably one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

3)   Denver Broncos (8-3)

If they protect Peyton and give him time to find his spectacular wide receiving core this team will be on its way to 13-3

4)   Arizona Cardinals (9-2)

This is a bolder choice but despite their performance on Sunday and a missing Larry Fitzgerald, I still believe in the Cardinals. They have the ability to win all of their games moving forward. In the words of John Brown, their offense has to perform better than they did on Sunday. It would be a shame for their stellar defense to go to waste - don't repeat the 2006 Bears.

5)   Dallas Cowboys (8-3)

The Cowboys are throwing out all of their past seasons and focusing on this one. DeMarco Murray is still rolling and pulling his team together. The most important component of the Cowboys performance is their ability to play all the way through the game and snatch up those evenly matched contests. Here comes December - will they cowboys pull through? 8-8 no more with a win next week!

The remainders:

6) Indianapolis Colts

7) Seattle Seahawks

8) Philadelphia Eagles

9) Baltimore Ravens

10) Kansas City Chiefs

11) Cleveland Browns

12) Detroit Lions

13) Cincinnati Bengals

14) San Francisco 49ers

15) San Diego Chargers

16) Miami Dolphins

17) Buffalo Bills

18) Pittsburgh Steelers

19) Chicago Bears

20) St. Louis Rams

21) New Orleans Saints

22) Huston Texans

23) Minnesota Vikings

24) New York Giants

25) Atlanta Falcons

26) Tennessee Titans

27) Carolina Panthers

28) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

29) Washington Redskins

30) Oakland Raiders

31) New York Jets

32) Jacksonville Jaguars