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Happy Thanksgiving: What I'm thankful for about the Arizona Cardinals

What do I as a Cardinals fan have to be thankful for?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There are many reasons to be thankful over this Thanksgiving holiday.

For me I have a wonderful wife, five pretty decent kids and a good job that allows me the time to talk about the Arizona Cardinals, the NFL Draft and whatever else is on my mind.

All of that is well and good, but this is an Arizona Cardinals fan site, so what do I have to be thankful for this year when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals?

Getting to see Larry Fitzgerald continue to be great

With all the recent talk of Fitz being the second receiver on the depth chart and in the game plan, the 2014 season has shown us that no matter how much athleticism may fade, route running ability and savvy, along with great hands is something that no one can take away.

Calais Campbell being elite

No defensive player in the NFL is slept on in terms of the national spotlight quite as much as big Calais Campbell. What he does for the Arizona Cardinals defense is so important and vital, but more than that, he's a truly elite defensive player, one of a handful in the league. Campbell's ability to have an impact on the running game as well as the passing game is so rare from a defensive linemen.

Todd Bowles for at least five more games

One of the worries going forward for the Arizona Cardinals is figuring out how they are going to keep Todd Bowles in the fold, but for at least five more games, let's cherish the genius that he brings to the defensive side of the ball.

The "No Fly Zone" starting to live up to the billing

Some of the things that was a question mark coming into this season was Antonio Cromartie and if he still had it, was Patrick Peterson worth the contract, could Tyrann Mathieu get back to full health, could Jeraud Powers hold up in Mathieu's absence, and what did Rashad Johnson and Tony Jefferson offer to keep Deone Bucannon off the field? All of those questions have been answered since Week 6, and going forward they look like they'll be answered for many, many years.

Michael Bidwill

And by proxy Steve Keim and Bruce Arians.

What are you thankful for Cardinals fans?