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Cardinals vs. Cowboys: What was the play of the game?

Arizona made several plays. Which was the biggest or the best?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals made a number of great plays in their 28-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys in Texas on Sunday. Which was the biggest or the best one?

Here are some possibilities:

Justin Bethel's blocked field goal at the end of the half

Dallas had driven down the field and looked like they would cut the lead to one right before halftime. After all, Dan Bailey has been as good as any kicker in the game. Bethel blocked it and Patrick Peterson almost returned it for a touchdown, a la James Harrison-style. That kept the game at 14-10.

Tyrann Mathieu's red zone interception

Arizona got a turnover with the opposing team in the red zone. Covering Jason Witten, it looked like Mathieu was going to get beat. But he read the play and made a break on the ball, picking off the pass. It was a great play.

The defense's fourth down stuff of Demarco Murray

Dallas, still down only 14-10 in the fourth quarter, decided to go for it on fourth down with less than a yard to go, rather than bring out Bailey for a 51-yard field goal attempt. Dan Williams and Calais Campbell disrupted the play and Deone Bucannon tackled Murray for no gain. Arizona took over and scored a touchdown on the ensuing possession to go up 21-10.

Larry Fitzgerald's 31-yard catch and run play

Fitz was physical and shed multiple tackles on a catch, gaining 31 yards. It is something we are starting to see more and more of.

Dan Williams' sack

The blocked field goal was directly related to the sack that Big Dan had. Dallas was in the red zone at the 16-yard line. On second down, Williams, sacks Weeden for a nine-yard loss. Without it, Dallas perhaps gets into the end zone or at least has a shorter field goal attempt, making it harder to block.


Vote on the play you think was the best or most important.