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NFL Week 13, Cardinals vs. Falcons live blog, reactions

Your open thread for the pivotal game for Arizona.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons are up in Week 13. Arizona is 9-2 and Atlanta is 4-7. The Cardinals will be without Larry Fitzgerald, who is inactive for the second straight week.

What are you expecting from the Cardinals? They have not scored a touchdown in seven quarters, but are facing the league's worst defense.

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You also have Twitter widgets below to follow some conversations during the game.

As always, being a game thread, remember the following.

1. Language restrictions are removed, but do not use foul language in other threads.

2. Do not make personal attacks and no trolling. If you are visiting as a fan of another team, respect that this is a Cardinals community. Likewise, be civil to our visitors from other team sites.

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