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Cardinals vs. Falcons 2nd half open thread

Keep the conversation going.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are trailing the Atlanta Falcons 20-10 at halftime. Things started terribly. There was bad offense, bad defense and bad special teams. However, Drew Stanton settled down to drive the team to a field goal and Rashad Johnson returned an interception for a touchdown.

It could be worse, but it isn't good. The offense still can't find the end zone.

As always, being a game thread, remember the following.

1. Language restrictions are removed, but do not use foul language in other threads.

2. Do not make personal attacks and no trolling. If you are visiting as a fan of another team, respect that this is a Cardinals community. Likewise, be civil to our visitors from other team sites.

3. Do not request of share online game feeds. That will result in an automatic ban.