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Patrick Peterson has had health issues 'no one knows about'

Bruce Arians revealed something interesting after Peterson's great play against the Cowboys.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson has had a rough year so far. After signing a lucrative contract extension, he has not played well in every game. He sprained an ankle and had to deal with that.

However, against the Dallas Cowboys, despite a couple of penalties, Peterson was fantastic. He held Dez Bryant catchless until the final drive for Dallas, when he picked up two garbage time catches, including a touchdown.

After the game, head coach Bruce Arians made a comment about how Peterson had been going through some things that nobody knew about.

He was asked to elaborate in his media session on Monday (via Arizona Sports).

He wouldn't, saying only "it's health-related" and it was "for him and his doctors."

It does make you wonder, though. Was it the ankle? It is the only injury he has been listed as having on weekly injury reports. Was Peterson's injury more than what was let on, or is there more?

If it were an injury of some sort, the team would have to disclose it. That is required.

So it leads one to believe perhaps there was an illness or his health issues were emotional or dealing with his mental health.

Anything here would be pure speculation, but it was apparently enough to affect him on the field.

According to Arians, "everything is straight" now, so hopefully this means more of the play we saw on Sunday.

The team will need it. After the Rams come to town, Calvin Johnson and the Lions play the Cardinals and then the team travels to Atlanta, where he will face Roddy White and Julio Jones.

Has Peterson turned the corner? Have the new defensive rules gotten the best of him? If he is back to full strength and full health, hopefully play like in Dallas is just the beginning.

Arizona is counting on him to do a lot for the defense to be successful.