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2014 NFL power rankings, Week 10: Arizona Cardinals at the top for some

See where the Internet experts say the Cardinals rank.

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The Arizona Cardinals have the best record in the NFL. That means they are the best team, right? Well, as the Internet does (and we are part of the Internet, so we do it, too), there are power rankings to decide who is the best and the worst in the league.

Where is Arizona ranked? For some, it is at the top. Here is the roundup for some of the power rankings out there.

Our own power rankings, this week by Jesse Reynolds, have the Cardinals as número uno.

I'll say it right out, the Cardinals are the best team in football right now. They're sure don't make it look pretty, but football thankfully isn't a beauty pageant. The Cardinals, or The Ugly Betty's, have gotten torn up in total pass yards allowed, have almost no pass rush and a QB who is known for his turnovers. Pundits will say we beat two weakened teams in the Eagles and the Cowboys, but as we all know and what the pundits ignore, is that the Cardinals have overcome adversity at almost every turn and like Rocky have taken blow after blow, only to emerge bloodied but victorious.

Also locally, AZCentral's Bobby McManaman put the Cardinals at number one.

By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you the No. 1 team in the NFL. And guess what? You deserve it, Cardinals. Now don't go and blow it by losing at home this week to the Rams, who just happened to have beaten both the Seahawks and the 49ers this year. It's not a gimme, but Arizona should win this one at home to improve to a stunning 8-1.

Now, at the national level, things get a little different.

SB Nation's Danny Kelly put the Cardinals number one.

Arizona has been getting things done the old fashioned way this season. That was the case Sunday as they knocked off the Brandon Weeden-led Cowboys by stuffing the Cowboys' greatest strength -- their run game. The Cardinals limited DeMarco Murray to 79 yards on 19 carries when Dallas needed him the most without Tony Romo. It was Murray's first sub-100 yard rushing performance this season.

The Cards have not allowed an opposing running back over the century mark in 18 straight contests, so this is nothing new for Arizona's front seven. On the offensive side of the ball, Carson Palmer is distributing the football to his playmakers and they've come up big when they need to. Arizona runs the ball, stops the run, can throw it deep, and has a ballhawking secondary - and they're proving they're the real deal.

ESPN, though, doesn't bump them up to the top. Arizona remains at number two for the second week in a row.

Arizona recorded its first regular-season win in Dallas since the Gene Stallings era (1989). The Cardinals' win also completed a season sweep of their former division (4-0 vs. NFC East).

Pete Prisco still loves the Cardinals. His CBS Sports power rankings have them at the top.

Yes, they beat the Cowboys without Tony Romo, but it's still a good victory. They are the best team in the NFC at the halfway point.

FOX Sports gives the edge to the Patsat number one, but Arizona is right there in second place as they were last week.

Carson Palmer has undergone a late career renaissance under coach Bruce Arians, and one could make an argument that the Cardinals are the best-coached team in the NFL.

Yahoo! Sports and their Shutdown Corner power rankings give the Cardinals the least love, actually dropping them one spot from second to third.

I'm not saying they don't deserve their record. But if you look close at some of the metrics (yards per play, yards per play allowed, point differential, Football Outsiders' DVOA, to name a few), they're not too inspiring. I can't make the case they're better than the two teams ahead of them.

Where should the Cardinals be ranked? You can certainly argue number one. You can argue two or three. After all, Arizona lost head-to-head to the Broncos and the Pats beat them handily. It's not out of the question to believe the Pats would also beat Arizona. And you wouldn't be wrong to think the Cardinals could beat either the Broncos or Pats with a healthy Carson Palmer.

What are your thoughts on this week's power rankings roundup?