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ROTB Roundtable: Season Successes, Optimism, and Palmer's Turnaround

Entering week 10, the Cardinals currently hold the best record in the entire NFL.

Wesley Hitt

However, no degree of success comes without question marks.  The ROTB Writing Staff tackled three questions surrounding the team.

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1) Many people have commented that the Cardinals' success this season has been due to luck rather than skill.  What do you think is the main reason the Cardinals currently have the best record in the NFL?

Jesse Reynolds: Thomas Edison once said "I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

People can say what they will about luck. Luck is a fickle master and so like Edison basically said, those who work hard tend to be lucky so the Cards must work damn hard.

Alex Mann: Coaching and the talent BA and Keim have built. Sure some of their wins may have come through a little bit of luck, but for the majority they have bought in to what BA and Keim have built. They believe in each other and believe in their leaders.

Robert Norman: The Cardinals played very disciplined and smart football. Defensively if the team is struggling or makes a mistake they quickly correct the issue. Most analysts have credited that to the coaching staff, which is true, but it's important to recognize how smart and talented the players on all levels of the depth chart are to take so quickly to the coaching.

Jess Root: There is always luck involved. However, the main reason is boring -- stopping the run and not turning the ball over.

2) What is one reason to be optimistic for the rest of the season?  What is one reason to be pessimistic?

Jesse Reynolds: I'm optimistic because defense is usually a constant you can rely on and so far we have been able to rely on the defense making big plays during big moments.

Pessimistic because our pass rush can be our undoing against guys like Manning. We're going to the playoffs, question is can we win if we can't get the the QB. I remember the Patriots almost perfect season and how it was lost to the Giants' then ferocious pass rush.

Alex Mann: To be optimistic you have to look at the offense. Plus 10 turnover differential, slowly reaching their potential. They have scored touchdowns on 7 of 8 redzone trips the last two weeks, which is better than when they started. They haven't hit their peak, but they're slowly making it there.

The pessimistic outlook, you can look at the offense too and wonder how long will it take for them to crash? They've played well thus far, avoided the injury bug for the most part, if you're pessimistic, you have to wonder when/if that changes.

Robert Norman: It's easy to be optimistic when the Cardinals weathered injuries at key positions and came out 7-1. The teams inability to create a consistent pass rush without blitzing has to create anxiety.

Jess Root: You have to be optimistic because the offense still hasn't reached its potential. You have to worry because having no pass rush is going to catch up with them at some point.

3) Last season, Palmer had a number of turnovers, which were in line with most predictions.  This year, he only has two entering Week 10.  What changed?

Jesse Reynolds: I believe it's a combination of a year in the system and vastly improvised tackle play. The guard play has been mediocre and even Sendlein hasn't been great but having solid tackles has made a massive difference. I suspect after the Dallas game we will see a more productive offense. I think they've turned a corner.

Alex Mann: Just the concept of the scheme, and an upgraded offensive line. With time to throw Plamer can make the right reads, instead of throwing it and hoping Floyd and Fitz can make the miraculous catch.

Robert Norman: Last season the entire team was trying to learn a complicated offense. The majority of those interceptions is simply miscommunication between Palmer and his receivers or Palmer trying to force passes due to pressure. Add the fact he has better offensive protection and more playmakers which lets him try less to make force the ball into too tight coverage.

Jess Root: I think it is obvious he is comfortable with where he is to go with the ball. There has been a healthy dose of luck as well, because he has avoided some by defenders having terrible hands.