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Arizona Cardinals offensive line isn't getting noticed, which is perfect

Halfway into the season have we talked even once about our offensive line? When no one has to talk about it, usually that means they are having a hell of a season.

A Beast among men....
A Beast among men....
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For years I have been yelling and screaming about building the Arizona Cardinals offensive line through the draft. Two years ago I screamed to get David DeCastro. Instead, the Cardinals drafted receiver Michael Floyd. The year before that, I practically begged for any offensive linemen upgrade. The big fatties up front is what makes an average QB like Palmer look better. Can you imagine how Warner would have looked with this line?

But I digress.

Last year after eight games, Arizona's line had given up 23 sacks of Carson Palmer, and I seem to remember he was hit and pressured much more than that. This year, Palmer and the other Arizona QBs have been sacked 13 times in eight games. Just for reference, that number is less than the number given up by 24 of 32 NFL teams this year (lead by Jacksonville given up 35 sacks this year). It is also even with two other teams in the NFL.

Carson Palmer standing up is a huge reason for Arizona's 7-1 record.  It is also why I get $1.20 chicken sandwiches every single Monday (as Burger King does this when the Cardinals score at least 20 points).  When I watch this line play, they play very well together. Ted Larson has been a welcome surprise. Bobbie Massie gets my vote for the most improved player this year. Jared Veldheer has been solid and honestly for the money may be the best "value" LT in the NFL. Even our tight ends are really quite good at chipping before going on their routes.

I think this may be the best O-line that I have ever seen line up for the Cardinals. It's a huge reason why they stand at 7-1 and why they should continue to be successful in the coming weeks.  It's nice to know they will be around for a while.

Now if only we could get Jonathan Cooper to be what he was meant to be...