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NFL Week 10 TV coverage maps

See what games are airing in what parts of the country.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are 10 NFL games during the day in Week 10. This week, CBS gets only the one broadcast, while FOX gets two.

The one game that everyone will get to see is the Sunday Night Football game between the Bears and the Packers. That will be on NBC.

But the rest of the games before then? Here is that information, as charted by 506 Sports.

CBS single broadcast:

Titans/Ravens will be on in Houston, Tennessee and border areas around it in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky. It will also air in Maryland, DC and northern Virginia.

Chiefs/Bills will be on TV in western New York, Maine, Boston, Rhode Island, most of New Hampshire and the area in and around Greenville, SC (including parts of North Carolina and Georgia). It is also on TV in all of Kansas and Missouri, most of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska and Iowa. It is also going to be on in in bordering areas in Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee.

You can watch Steelers/Jets if you live in parts of Oregon and part of the southern border of the state of Washington. it will also be broadcast in eastern New York, part of New Hampshire, most of Vermont, all of New Jersey and Connecticut, almost all Pennsylvania, most of Ohio, most of West Virginia, most of Kentucky, an eastern border area of Indiana, as well as most of Virginia and the Carolina.

The late game CBS will have, Broncos/Raiders, will be on in California, Yuma, Nevada, some of Oregon, most of New Mexico, the Four Corners area of Arizona, all of Colorado, all of Utah, all of Wyoming and South Dakota. It is on in almost all Montana, some ofIdaho, about half of North Dakota, part of Nebraska, the panhandle in Oklahoma, in Texas in and around Dallas and Amarillo, in the New Orelans area and in and around Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Atlanta and Indianapolis.

The rest of the country will get Dolphins/Lions. The Lions are the Cardinals' next opponent.

FOX Early games:

There will be no FOX early game airing in Baltimore, Buffalo, New York City,  and New Jersey.

Falcons/Buccaneers will broadcast in almost all Georgia, most of Florida (not the Miami or Jacksonville areas) and in some areas in Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina that border with Georgia.

The game in London -- Cowboys/Jaguars -- will air in almost all Texas, almost all Oklahoma, all of New Mexico, the Four Corners area of Arizona, small southern border areas of Colorado, parts of Kansas, southwestern Missouri, most of Arkansas, as well as in Jacksonville, Cincinnati, DC, northern Virginia, eastern Pennsylvania, parts of New York and Maine.

The rest  of the country will watch 49ers/Saints.

FOX late games:

Rams/Cardinals will be the smaller of the two games. It will air in Arizona, Utah, part of Calilfornia between San Diego and Arizona, eastern Nevada, almost all New Mexico, most of Nebraska, almost all Kansas, Missouri, some of Mississippi and Alabama and in parts of Arkansas, Kentucky and Illinois.

The other game that will be on in the rest of the country will be Giants/Seahawks.