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Play of the game poll in Arizona Cardinals loss to Atlanta Falcons

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There weren't many highlights.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This is one of those posts that is very hard to do after a loss. What was the play of the game? It felt like there was nothing and that the Cardinals were just absolutely dominated. OK, they were, but let's find some individual plays with some silver lining

Here are your candidates for play of the game

Rashad Johnson's 88-yard interception return for a touchdown

Johnson loved playing against Matt Ryan. He has four interceptions off him. This one he picked off and then went 88 yards, but it went from one sideline to almost the next and then back. as he weaved his way through teammates blocking.

Marion Grice's 15-yard screen play

It seems like an eternity since a screen pass worked. With Grice, it was pretty, as he glided is way to a first down, including a spin move. Arizona State fans saw him do this a lot.

Stepfan Taylor's touchdown catch

It was the touchdown that ended the streak the offense had of not getting into the end zone. It wasn't special, but it was a touchdown.

Alex Okafor's nullified sack

Okafor got a round the edge and was able to shoestring Matt Ryan. The problem was there was an illegal contact down the field. so it didn't count.

Jerraud Powers' almost interception

It ended up just being an incomplete pass, but Powers read the play near the goalline, jumped the route and picked off the pass. He was ripped down to the ground by Julio Jones by the helmet and the ball touched the ground. Replay overturned the interception and Atlanta kicked a field goal. It was still a great play and, had he not been clotheslined, he probably would have gone all the way down the field for a defensive score.