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ROTB Roundtable: Gameplan, Patrick Peterson, and Playoff Posibilities

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Later today, the Cardinals will take on the St. Louis Rams in a key divisional match-up.

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But before we watch them play on national television, the ROTB Writing Staff tackled three questions pertaining to the franchise.

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1) What did the Cardinals do differently to secure a win after two disappointing weeks?

Jesse Reynolds: Two things took place, Steve Keim finding another gem (hopefully he isn't a one hit wonder) who gave us hope of a run game and the Cardinals getting lucky again. Dropped INT by the Chiefs, a crazy fumble and some timely defensive play. For whatever reason Jamal Charles was barely used and we won.

I know I should be more confident as we have won ugly all season but damn it's hard to be optimistic with our schedule ahead.

BigRedBilly: One thing the Cardinals did differently compared to the last two games was playing at home where we're undefeated this season.  The biggest thing would be the sudden appearance of something called a 'running game'.  No turnovers didn't hurt a bit either.

Robert Norman: The team produced in the run offense and limited turnovers. It helped having Fitzgerald and Shaughnessy back on the field as they both impacted both offense and defense. The next task is proving the team can maintain a running game, especially against a strong Rams team. Secondly, Stanton clearly plays better at home he now needs to show he can play well enough on the road since 2 of the last 3 games are away.

2) What are your thoughts on Patrick Peterson's performance throughout the season?

Jesse Reynolds: Ugh, why can't he just play at his value? I'm tired of his big mouth and his lack of play backing it up. He has been worth his pay only a few games and after Atlanta I'm starting to feel more like a hater than a fan.

Robert Norman: Disappointing, Definitely not a top 5 cornerback. Some of that is due to a poor pass rush always putting the pressure on the secondary and from adjusting to referee calls and his unreported injury. But he improved only to regress again. He hasn't lived up to his contract and that is all I think fans want.

Skii: Like Robert said, the poor pass-rush in the first half of the season definitely didn't help the secondary.  However, the pass-rush has improved dramatically, and Peterson has continued to regress.  I know that even elite corners get beat from time to time, but his lack of play has been a concern throughout the season.  As the Playoffs near, I can only hope that he gets his act together and plays like the top 5 cornerback that he's being paid to be.

3) Has you confidence in the team making the Playoffs changed at all as a result of last week's victory?

Jesse Reynolds: My confidence has risen slightly, I want to believe Kerwich and Coop will help pave the way to a better run game and help Stanton look like a capable starter. I do not think we win in St. Louis but maybe we can beat Seattle at home - that might be enough to get to the playoffs.

BigRedBilly: The chances improved greatly with the win and now we only need one more to clinch a playoff spot.  By far the greatest concern was a lack of running game, but last week's performance was the big boost we needed to grab more than a mere playoff spot.

Robert Norman: Yes, The team showed they could improve on their weaknesses and win. I'm just not sure though we can maintain the divisional lead with Seattle being carried by Wilson right now. I believe we need at least two wins, Seattle at home and one game away.