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Cardinals vs. Rams Thursday Night Football live blog and reactions

It's time for football!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It is time for football! The 10-3 Arizona Cardinals enter their game against the 6-7 St. Louis Rams as underdogs. St. Louis is one of the hottest teams in football, having scored 83 unanswered points dating back to the fourth quarter of their game three weekends ago against the San Diego Chargers.

Not many believe in the Cardinals at this point, but do you? This will be as tough a game as the Cards will have. They are on the road against a very physical and healthy team, all the while when the Cardinals have simply been decimated by injuries.

What are your predictions? What are you expecting to see? What are the keys to this game?

This is your open thread.

Please remember:

1. Language restrictions are lifted for game threads, but leave the language in here. Don't carry it to other threads, please.

2. No trolling or personal attacks.

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Here are some Twitter feeds to follow during the game.