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Cardinals vs. Rams 2nd half open thread

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The Cards are winning. What is in store for the rest of the game?

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

The first half is done in Edward Jones Dome. The Arizona Cardinals lead 6-3. It hasn't been completely pretty, but it has been effective.

Drew Stanton started very sharp and is 11/18 for 109 yards at the half. But the more important note is they have rushed for 63 yards thus far. Even Rob Housler got a carry for a first down. Stepfan Taylor has 29 yards on four carries, while Kerwynn Williams has 27 on six. As a team, they are averaging 4.5 yards per carry.

Larry Fitzgerald has five catches and, with the fourth of the game, he reached 900 catches for his career. He became the youngest player to do so in NFL history.

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Here are some Twitter feeds to follow during the game.