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Cardinals vs. Rams: Who was the Cardinals player of the game? (POLL)

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An ugly win that depended on a few specific players.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals have now won eleven times. Beating last year's record and at the very least keeping themselves ahead of the Seahawks who come to the Bird's Nest in Week 15.

Before we start thinking about the next game we should honor the most valuable players in last nights win:

Chandler Catanzaro

After two weeks of poor play, the rookie came back to go 4 for 4 in field goals while the offense continued to struggle. It was actually an impressive day seeing as three of his field goals were 44, 51 and 46 yards. All twelve points are due to his kicking, makes you wonder why some fans thought the team should think about bringing Feely (if it was possible) back.

Just kidding, I'm just as prone to overreaction.

Kerwynn Williams

There hasn't been much of a running game all season, but Williams went 14 for 75 yards tonight. That's five yards a carry. Two weeks in a row still doesn't prove he's a long term solution, but especially considering how well the Rams defense has been playing should put the Seahawks and 49ers on alert.

Larry Fitzgerald

Seven catches for thirty yards are not impressive statistics. FItzgerald however is so important to the team being at least a safety blanket it's incredible the idea of trading him at the beginning of the season was feasible. He also became the youngest player to reach 900 receptions tonight, that alone should let him be on this list.

Larry Foote

The Cardinals stuck gold twice on veteran pickups with Dansby in 2013 then Foote in 2014. His fumble recovery led to the first Cards' field goal. Finishing the night with 3 tackles and his first sack of the year. Hopefully the FO can find a way to keep him for at least another year as they attempt to shore up a weak linebacker position.

Stepfan Taylor

If Kerwynn Williams gets credit so does Taylor. He split the carries with Williams tonight and proved why the coaches trusted him to do so. He went 14 for 66 yards, averaging 4.4 yards per carry. Now with Stanton down the Cardinals more than ever need to rely on their running game. Taylor has shown flashes of good ability all season.

The Cardinals, now more than ever, need to rely on their running game. Williams and Taylor are proving the trust is not misplaced.

Have another player you think was the best. Write it in the comments. Or just tell us why you chose your player.