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Screw it: Start Drinking the Kool-Aid....

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When the season began I told you to not get too far ahead of yourself. Now i'm going with 'screw it, drink the Kool Aid,' because after this season we need a drink.

Dry Humping Shawn Hill up and down the field all night....
Dry Humping Shawn Hill up and down the field all night....
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

My wife was a New York Giants fan.  She lived there most of her life so it was to be expected that she cheered for the Super Bowl. The other 20 weeks of the season she couldn't care less. The first season she truly became vested in a team for the whole season was in 2008, as I made her change into a Cardinals fan. She was wonderful and never fought me one bit.  Of course, at the beginning of the season no one could have known what was in store for us. I thought it would be another 8-8 or worse season. That being said, I have never seen someone deny the last 2:30 of a game before, to her it ended when Larry Fitzgerald crossed the goal line.

The point is that she was spoiled by her first two years. A Super Bowl trip, 10 wins the next year, and maybe the best playoff game ever vs Green Bay.  Then Kurt Warner retired and life went completely to crap.  I can still hear "Fu$% you Derek Anderson"  from that 2010 season (to this day she still says it if the name is said) to Skekolley from 2012.  Even last year, a really good season and we get screwed by being the third team in who knows how long to win 10 games and be SOL on the playoffs.

She now knows the struggles of being a Cardinal fan, looking forward to the draft in Week 8, only to have the damn team win five games that don't mean anything except for draft position.  She knows a team that doesn't take their QB out because hes injured, but because he sucks the sweat from a baboon's balls.  She is now just like all of us who are 20-year veterans of the Red Sea.

Then we start this year, we look back after 11 wins and see what this team has had to over come and beat in order to get to where they are. 11 wins, the list of players who are not playing could all start for the Pro Bowl (Darnell Dockett, Darryl Washington, Carson Palmer, Karlos Dansby, Honey Badger, John Abraham, Andre Ellington). 11 wins, and its not like this team is playing in the NFC South this year. We have beaten Dallas, Philly, Detroit, San Francisco, San Diego, Kansas City. 11 wins, oh yeah, and just so you know, the second leading rusher on the team (for the whole season) got his first start last week.

Earlier in the season it told you to not drink the Kool-Aid after a preseason win vs Houston in which we looked really good. Now I'm telling you to drink up. This team is special folks. The old adage goes, "Defense wins championships," and it looks like we intend to test out that theory. We just limited a team that scored 76 points the last two weeks to six.  We have 33 sacks (vs. 22 given up, nice job O-Line) and 25 takeaways (+12 for the season).

Lastly, we have a coach -- a coach that plays to our strengths when he needs to (33 rushing attempts the last two games, average 25 per game the rest of the season) a coach that lets the D-coordinator blitz on every single play that matters and a D-coordinator that expects the men to get there to make a play.  Drink up folks, because with this group anything can happen. Anyone can be a hero, and next man up no matter what, our coach will have them ready to play, play hard, and play to win.

PS: On a side note, if this group of coaches/execs doesn't win every award known to man regarding coach/exec/gm/(dare i say owner) of the year, I'm going to be very disappointed.