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NFL Week 15: Games that matter for the Arizona Cardinals and who Cardinals fans should root for

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Your team isn't playing. Here is your Week 15 guide.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Because the Arizona Cardinals played (and won) on Thursday night, fans might find themselves not exactly knowing what to do with their team not playing today.

But there are games than matter for the Cardinals, so lets go over them.

Packer at Bills: The Packers are 10-3 and would keep  up with the Cardinals with a win. Cardinals fans should be rooting for the Buffalo Bills. A Buffalo win would give the Cardinals a one-game cushion in the NFC for the top seed.

Vikings at Lions: At 9-4, the Lions are one game back of the Packers. Right now, they would hold a tiebreaker over the Packers, so you might think we want the Lions to win. In reality, as long as Detroit does what Green Bay does today, we are fine. The game that matters is the Week 17 game between both teams. We want the Lions to win the division because the Cardinals beat the Lions head-to-head.

49ers at Seahawks: This is the biggest game for the Cardinals. A win by Seattle keeps them one game back of the Cardinals in the division, setting up Week 16 Seattle/Arizona as the game that determines who wins the division. Cardinals fans will want a cushion, so they should root for the 49ers to upset them in Seattle. Then, after rooting for them, they should go vomit.

Cowboys at Eagles: Arizona Cardinals fans don't really care either way. The Cards beat both teams head-to-head. The one thing we don't want to happen is a tie. As long as one of the two teams win, the Cardinals clinch a playoff berth. So for this game, go somebody!